Wellness & Yoga

Wellness in the Workplace: Looking for brown bag lunch topics or exercises? Want a facilitator to support Wellness Committee charters? Seeking programs that meet the needs of diverse employees, not just the weekend warriors? We’ll help you create a culture of Employee Health and Wellness, resulting in employee engagement, reduced absenteeism and lessor presenteeism.

Personal Wellness Coaching: As a certified coach, a yoga therapist with over 15 years in yoga, and an avid researcher seeking 'TRUTH' in health and wellness topics, I can support your own wellness journey and help direct individualized plans to meet your specific needs.

Yoga Therapy: The International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) distinguishes yoga therapy as the “appropriate application of [yoga] teachings and practices in a therapeutic context.” Yoga therapists take into account the ‘wholeness’ of a person and create personalized practices for the whole person: thoughts, beliefs, goals, emotions, spiritual views, world views, disposition, intellect, physical body. The individualized practice focuses on healthy choices in work-life balance, sleep, nutrition and physical activity. Certified Yoga Therapists have a minimum of 1,000 hours of training.

Stress Reduction: Research shows stress reduction activities support mental, physical and emotional health which, in the workplace, can improve focus, build collaboration and enhance creativity.

Mindfulness: Learn techniques used at Apple, Google, Green Mountain Coffee, Intel, McKinsey, The US Army and the US Marines to identify and learn to benefit from mind, body, spirit, emotion awareness and build sustainable, positive relationships.

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