Developing Leaders – One Topic, One Book, One Expert at a Time

Do you ever ask what books might be best for specific situations/environments. Are you looking for experts to help you with accountability, engagement, exemplary leadership; or perhaps creating a culture that is agile and delivers exceptional customer experiences? Do you ever wonder what books really are the best? Or, where you and your leaders might want to focus time and effort? As an executive coach, a university adjunct and a lifelong learner, I’m always reading (and now listening) to enhance my skills for my clients, to better develop my coaching skills for leaders…. And, for myself too, since I’m motivated by learning.

As I think about the variety in workplace cultures, the differing leadership styles, and the speed in which technology and the global economy is challenging all organizations, I realize there are a few authors I frequently return. Here are some topics and ͚gurus͛ (or experts) that you might want to consider: Topic Emotional Intelligence; authors Dan Goleman and Richard Boyatzis. Topic Leadership;authors Kouzes and Posner, & Ken Blanchard, & Dave Ulrich. Topics Human Resources& Change Management; authors Harvard Business Essentials (various authors), & Dave Ulrich. Topics Engagement & Motivation; authors Dan Pink, Simon Sinek, Gregg Lederman, Deci and Ryan. Topic Positive Reinforcement; authors Aubrey Daniels and BF Skinner. Topic Growth Mindset; author Carol Dweck. Topic Truth in Nutrition, Dr. Michael Gregor. Would love to hear about some of you favorite authors; please share some of your recommendations.