Leadership Training

Research-driven training programs are designed to bring awareness and offer opportunity for leaders to develop exceptional leadership practices. My Ph.D. research focused on leadership effectiveness, self-awareness, organizational commitment and employee engagement — all which are key in creating healthy and productive workplaces.

Utilizing various assessment tools and a gap analysis process, I’ll personalize the training around your organizational goals, and design and facilitate courses that align goals with actions, head with heart and leaders with team members.

Some leadership training topics that have previously rolled out include:

  • Practices of Exemplary Leadership
  • Coaching for Performance Excellence
  • Coaching for HR Professionals
  • Knowledge Sharing:  Building a Culture of Learning
  • Five Steps to Employee Engagement
  • Wellness Programs: The Business Case for Employee-Focused Programs
  • Leading 101
  • Educate, Engage, Empower
  • VOMP:  Conflict Resolution Skills for Even the Most Conflict Avoiding Manager
  • Conflict Dynamics
  • Energy Leadership
  • Sexual Harassment:  Personal Liability
  • The Self-Aware Leader
  • Communication and Trust - It's as Easy as That

Next Steps...

Are you looking for one class or an entire leadership development curriculum? Perhaps assessments to help bring awareness to leaders?  We provide tools that make leaders better.

"Great leaders make great organizations" — Kouzes & Posner