Wellness in the Workplace: Mindfulness and Business Results

As a yoga therapist and leadership coach, my role often moves from one role to another.  In over 10 years of leadership coaching, I’ve not had one client (of those who wanted to work with a coach to be fully transparent – ha) who did not have the need to discuss and address a personal issue (work/life balance; relationship with spouse or child; stress management; health, fitness, sleep and/or nutrition). And, with just a few years of wellness (yoga therapy) coaching, I’ve always utilized the concept of individual leadership roles in personal and professional life.  Leadership coaching is person coaching. Leadership coaching is human coaching. Leadership coaching is relationship coaching. Leadership coaching is wellness (mind/body/relationship) coaching. It is identification and management of fears, limiting beliefs, biases, self-awareness, and focus. It touches upon head and heart issues, success and failures, passions and fears. Coaching is transformational; and yoga therapy is wellness coaching: Yoga is the modality for homeostasis (balance).  

Mindfulness meditation and mindfulness practices are often part of the action plan (SMART goals) for leadership coaching clients.  Focusing, appreciating and having gratitude for the present is powerful. Acknowledging that specific aspects of the past are inhibiting, coloring, shading, detracting from the present situation is important.  Recognizing that fear of the future is normal, but also debilitating; fear is a huge block for incremental and exponential change. Mindfulness, the state of focusing on one’s awareness of the present including feelings, thoughts and physical reactions of the current moment, is a foundational coaching and yoga therapy intervention.  Mindfulness, as a coaching intervention, supports stress management, reduction of anxiety, clear thinking, and a mindset change.

Find a yoga therapist, a mindfulness practitioner or a leadership coach to help unite mind (intellect), body (cellular energetic response) and spirit (why we are here).  Find a professional to help you identify and overcome your own fears and limiting beliefs. “The past is behind, learn from it; the future is ahead, prepare for it; the present it here, live it.” (T. Morison).   Read about Mindfulness from Jon Kabat-Zinn.

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