What Are Your Employees Craving?

Are you seeking to implement engagement strategies, improve organizational commitment and employee motivation? Gregg Lederman’s new book, Crave, gives easy to implement engagement strategies. This great little book is chock full of techniques, strategies and tactics to help leaders cultivate an environment that promotes creativity and collaboration. It would be perfect for a leadership coaching book club selection.

Lederman went to the experts (Deci and Ryan) on self-determination theory (motivation), and found that over three decades of research repeatedly shows three things humans ͚crave͛– Respect, Purpose, and Relationship. He also shows that management and HR practices are often created in a way that disengages and demotivates employees. This aligns with decades of research that show only 33% of US employees are engaged. Lederman provides strategies that build a culture of employees who are engaged and who provide discretionary effort on behalf of customers, the company, and their team. Learn more and share with your leaders. Sit back and watch how your engagement indicators improve!