Why Certified Yoga Therapists (C-IAYT) Help Create Healthier Teams?

The American Psychological Association https://goo.gl/Ag8NQu reports that 72% of respondents believe their stress has increased or stayed the same over the last five years while 60% of adults state that they’ve tried to reduce stress over these five years.  The human body does not respond well to continuous and high stress levels; chronic stress impacts the immune system, mental health and overall physical health.  Stress lessens cognitive processing.  Work related stress is particularly evident in leaders who have responsibility for profits, customer satisfaction, employee engagement and productivity. 

A Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) utilizes yoga tools (postures/poses, breathing practices, meditation and mindfulness techniques, and more) to unwind, down-regulate, and balance mind/body.  One main goal for the C-IAYT is to teach individuals and groups to utilize the mind and the body to find homeostasis (physiological equilibrium). When a leader presents an authentically calm(er) response to a workplace environment, team members are more likely to follow suit. Emotions are contagious. 

Stress is palpable.  How leaders respond to specific situations can escalate the issues or can provide space and safety for brainstorming and problem-resolution.  Not only does chronic stress impact health, it makes it difficult to lead effectively: build collaborative relationships, solve problems, develop others, and deliver excellence in terms of products and service. The C-IAYT acts as a wellness coach that supports leadership health and workplace wellness programs. 

If you want to know more about leadership coaching for stress management, contact me (tampacoaching.com).  My C-IAYT credentials have proven so beneficial for all of my leadership coaching clients.