Leadership Training

Leaders in today’s organizations are required “to get people moving, to take action, and to energize the workforce in an ever changing environment” (Kouzes & Posner).  Organizations must find new ways to engage employees and build organizational commitment.

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Leadership Coaching

Effective leadership practices create a synergistic environment, turning incremental successes into enormous cultural and financial achievements.

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Wellness Coaching & Yoga Therapy

The need to connect consciously with the body is one powerful way to create a healthy tomorrow.  Too stressed?  Anxiety impacting sleep?  Are medications taking over your life?  There is so much you can do to optimize mind/body and minimize suffering.

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Leadership Excellence

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. ~ Mark Twain

Great leaders develop leaders; great leaders drive organizational excellence; great leaders influence others to go higher, deliver better, and seek continuous improvements in actions/efforts.

Yet, studies show that 70% of leaders demotivate and disengage; most leaders struggle with inspiring, engaging and empowering; most leaders focus on weaknesses, where the power is in tapping into and celebrating strengths.  This can be changed….. it really must change if organizations seek sustainability and growth.  The world is changing at a rate faster than we can imagine.  Technology and a global economy are challenging organizations to be faster, be smarter (both evidence/data driven and with relationships/trust), and do more with less.  Cultivating leadership competencies and providing the tools for leadership excellence is the best way for your employees to be more, strive for more, and deliver more.  The joy, along with performance improvement, is that your employees are happier when they are being accountable for bringing their best game.  Tap into the energy of your employees, and enjoy a more rewarding workplace culture.

Team workshops, individual coaching, culture design strategies, leadership assessments are some of the key services we deliver.

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Want to improve focus, creativity, learning culture,decision-making?  Need to align head/hearts and deliver positive results?  Do you know there is a better way to lead, to inspire, to develop others?  Call Patricia A. Sullivan at 727-954-6542

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